Your Joints are Made to Move: Overcoming Mechanical Back Pain in Fremont

Mechanical back pain chiropractor fremont

Mechanical back pain hampers athletes in Fremont

Mechanical back pain is a blanket term that applies to any pain or dysfunction related to the spine and the supporting structures and musculature. The most common mechanical back pain in sports involves joints of the spine moving out of place. Misalignment of the spine contributes to the following problems for athletes:

  • Lost range of motion
  • Pain caused by nerve compression
  • Muscular imbalance and pain

And if you are pushing for the top of your game, you can’t afford a single one of these drawbacks. Read on to find out how we treat mechanical back pain for athletes in the Fremont area.

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A Dynamic Approach to Sports Rehab

Sports rehab fremont

Individualized sports rehab in Fremont

At Scorca Chiropractic Center, we know that every injury is unique. That’s why we perform a comprehensive medical exam to determine a patient’s medical history and musculoskeletal health profile. Your injury forms part of a picture within the framework of your greater health. From this vantage point we detail a fully customized treatment plan that will help set a course for quick, effective recovery. 

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Effective Sports Rehabilitation with Chiropractic

Sports injuries chiropractic

A more dynamic approach to healing sports injuries

At Scorca Chiropractic Center, we work with many athletes who are trying to stay one step ahead in the game and another step ahead of injuries. Chiropractic is an important part of the toolbox for optimizing athletic performance, including sharpening reaction times and improving range of motion. But it is also an important part of sports injury rehabiliation, as chiropractic offers a range of modalities for effecting a full recovery and returning you to your sport stronger than ever. 

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