Chiropractic for Athletes

For many of us, we might fall into reductive reasoning and write off chiropractic treatment as something that only the injured or even the elderly pursue. Although it might be true that those who are injured or are more advanced in age stand to gain a tremendous amount of benefits from chiropractic treatment, so do those who are in their younger years, even elite-level athletes.

It’s true! Many of your favorite sports figures have close relationships with their chiropractor. Most professional sports teams have a chiropractic care specialist or physiotherapist on hand to treat any injuries that pop up, not to mention help athletes recover properly from daily wear and tear.

Scorca Chiropractic would like to remind athletes that chiropractic treatment is an excellent companion to an active lifestyle and serves as a drug-free alternative to performance-enhancing drugs that often end up coming along with a considerable amount of health risks.

Contact Scorca Chiropractic to learn more about how chiropractic treatment will help your body recover from your training regiment, helping you rise to the occasion each and every day with renewed energy and vitality. We have a long track record of providing effective chiropractic treatment for entire teams and entire families alike.

Tips for Treating Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow (also called “lateral epicondylitis”) is a condition that comes about from overuse, and it’s something that can happen whether you’re a tennis enthusiast or not. Tennis elbow occurs when inflammation strikes the tendons that join the forearm. Damage occurs from repeating the same motion over and over again.

Possible treatment options for tennis elbow include icing, or hot/cold therapy in order to reduce pain and swelling without drug intervention.

Other treatments include elbow straps or other brace devices that can help protect your injured tendon, shielding it from further strain.

Yoga is another option that provides drug-free pain relief for your joints. Building your yoga practice will also improve your range of motion.

Chiropractic treatments are another great way to treat tennis elbow the drug-free way. At Scorca Chiropractic we use a number of techniques, including myofascial release as well as instrument-assisted soft tissue techniques (IASTM) to get you back to pain-free. We can also provide you with rehabilitative exercises that will get you far better results than drugs or injections.

Contact Scorca Chiropractic if you’re tired of hurting from tennis elbow. We have a long track record of helping entire families stay happy, healthy, and well.

Pain Management for Athletes

Athletes are known to put their bodies under a particular amount of stress during practice and during competition. Whether amateur or professional, athletes spend a lot of time, energy, and resources on making sure that hey properly rehabilitate from workouts, not to mention from games themselves.

Below, Scorca Chiropractic goes over a few pain management tips for athletes.

Practice Tension Relief

Whether it’s yoga or a full body massage, it’s important to relieve your body from the daily tension it goes through, especially if you’re an athlete.

Visit Your Local Chiropractor

Visiting your chiropractor for a routine adjustment is a great way to give your body drug-free pain relief. A Scorca Chiropractic we provide treatments that are designed for both athletes and regular folks alike.

Rest Adequately

They say that you can’t overtrain but you can under-recover — or something to that effect, anyway. The truth is, your recovery plan should be given a fair amount of thought — just like your workout and training routines are given. Contact Scorca Chiropractic today to learn about how our treatments fit in with the most active of lifestyles.

Training Tips for Your Back


When it comes to exercising your back, it’s unfortunate that not all workouts are created equal. That’s why it’s important to do the very best workouts for your back as well as your core muscle group, not to mention practice perfect technique in order to avoid injury and reduce wear and tear.

Below, Scorca Chiropractic goes over a few training tips to keep in mind when working out your back muscles.

Go Lighter Weight

Stop loading huge amounts of weight when working out your back. Instead, go for higher reps with a lower weight. Use kettlebells instead of barbells. 

Do Pull-Ups

Pull-ups are great for your back, great for strength training, and even help improve your posture and decompress your spine. Again, make sure to practice perfect form.

Incorporate Cardio

If you’re working with kettlebells or thinking about getting some rowing action in, try to get your heart rate up during your workout to enjoy cardio benefits.

Contact Scorca Chiropractic to learn more about how our chiropractic adjustments go hand-in-hand with an active lifestyle. We’re ready to schedule your consultation today!