Posture Sets the Tone For a Healthier Life

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A PSA: your poor posture is killing you!

From a chiropractor’s perspective, this is not hyperbole. Clinical studies are linking poor posture with a growing host of health maladies. Let’s start with the ones we’ve been telling people for decades here at our office in Fremont:

  • Poor posture= poor mobility of spinal joints
  • Poor mobility of spinal joints= degeneration and pain 
  • Poor posture= muscle tension
  • Systemic tension pulls your body out of alignment 
  • Poor posture increases the amount of downward pressure on your spine, causing nerve compression
  • It reduces lung capacity

In summation, poor posture can lead to long term health problems that will drag down your well-being and leave you at the mercy of degenerative conditions. 

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Hypermobility Causes Pain Too

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The dominant trend is lack of mobility

With sedentary lifestyles becoming more and more common, the corresponding lessening of mobility in the populace is not surprising. But about 10% of the population suffer from the exact opposite problem- hypermobility, also known as double-jointedness. People with this condition have ligamentous laxity which can be useful for someone whose job requires a greater degree of flexibility, like a dancer or a baseball pitcher. But there are significant drawbacks to hypermobility in that your joints are essentially less stable. When this lack of stability contributes to pain, we call it hypermobility syndrome. And this pain can become chronic. So what is our solution for hypermobility syndrome? 

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Relief from Sciatica with Pregnancy Chiropractic

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Why do pregnancy and sciatica go hand in hand?

The formula is quite simple really. A pregnant woman’s body is a mosaic of growing and shifting weight, which in turn moves her center of gravity forward. By decentralizing the weight of the body, forces are not evenly distributed on the spine. As her abdominal muscles become stretched in the front, core stabilizing muscles are often weak and unable to cope with the added weight bearing down on the spine. As pregnancy hormones conspire to loosen ligaments in the pelvis, you then have to contend with imbalance in the pelvis which further destabilizes the spine at its very base. In such an environment, sciatica is an easy conclusion- an unbalanced, unsupported spine is liable to put pressure on the surrounding nerves. When the pressurized nerve happens to be the sciatica nerve (the largest in the body), you may experience the classic symptoms of sciatica which can add a lot of anxiety into the mix. 

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Chiropractic Toolset: The Activator Method

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What is the Activator Method?

The activator method is the only instrument-assisted adjusting technique whose efficacy is proven by clinical trials. It is an invaluable member of our chiropractic toolkit, and it has helped us help hundreds of patients resolve long-standing muscular pain and dysfunction. The main benefits of the Activator Method are as follows:

  • Identify and resolve musculoskeletal imbalance
  • Identify and resolve spinal joint dysfunction 
  • Alleviate pain in the neck and back
  • Aid in relieving the cause of headaches

The Activator Method is the only tool for which we deviate from manual manipulation. Find out why by reading more below. 

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