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Posture Sets the Tone For a Healthier Life

A PSA: your poor posture is killing you!

From a chiropractor’s perspective, this is not hyperbole. Clinical studies are linking poor posture with a growing host of health maladies. Let’s start with the ones we’ve been telling people for decades here at our office in Fremont:

  • Poor posture= poor mobility of spinal joints
  • Poor mobility of spinal joints= degeneration and pain 
  • Poor posture= muscle tension
  • Systemic tension pulls your body out of alignment 
  • Poor posture increases the amount of downward pressure on your spine, causing nerve compression
  • It reduces lung capacity

In summation, poor posture can lead to long term health problems that will drag down your well-being and leave you at the mercy of degenerative conditions. 

Turning posture from a negative to positive influence

The good news is that posture goes both ways: if it can be such a harmful agent in your life, it can also be an enormously beneficial agent. By changing your bad postural habits into good ones, you will go a long way toward preventing the onset of spinal degeneration and pain. The first step is to visit with a chiropractor- at our office in Fremont, we can help you identify and resolve long standing issues like spinal misalignment and joint immobility that have resulted from your poor posture. Then we can set a course to institute stretching and exercise that will help you build the right set of muscles to support good posture. Finally, we will counsel you on proper posture and how to maintain it throughout the day. If you are ready to take a different attitude regarding your posture, give our office in Fremont a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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