How to Improve Your Child’s Quality of Sleep

Getting the right quality and the right amount of sleep is paramount for anyone at any stage in their lifespan, but it’s particularly important for children to get their 8 hours of sleep each night. Sometimes this can seem easier said than done, especially when 10 o’clock comes around and your child is still bouncing off the walls. 

Below are a few ways to improve your child’s quality of sleep in order to ensure they’re getting the right amount of rest. 

No Screen Time 2 Hours Before Bed

Enforce a strict rule that your child can’t look at any sort of screen (TV, tablet, smartphone, etc.). It’s the smart thing to do because the light from these screens can affect our eyes and reduce the quality of our sleep.

No Caffeine

There’s actually no reason for children to have caffeine of any sort. But if they do like their soda, then it’s important you cut the soda pop out hard and fast by 2-4 pm to ensure your child gets a quality night of sleep.

Keep Them Active

Children have untapped reserves of energy that need to be burned each day, so make sure they’re involved in some time of activity of their choice. Having them eat clean, whole foods is also a plus.

Visiting the chiropractor is also a great way to make sure your child’s body and mind are firing on all cylinders. Contact Scorca Chiropractic today to learn more.

Tips to Finish Out the Summer Strong

The summer season represents a time of recreation for many, but for some of us the summer season is a time to make tremendous strides and achieve goals varying in specificity. Maybe you’re running a half (or full) marathon. Maybe you’re testing for a belt at Muay Thai. Maybe you’re planning on paddleboarding across a nearby lake.

Below are a few ways to make sure your summer is well spent. Read on for a few ways to finish out the summer strong.

Push Yourself

Set a goal that seems a little bit out of your reach and make yourself stretch to make it happen. Run farther faster. Learn that new 5-punch combination. Master that yoga pose that seems so elusive at the moment. You’ll feel accomplished and enjoy countless rewards from learning something new and challenging yourself.

Recover Intelligently

Active recovery is a great idea if your’e trying to stay productive on your off days. Take a yoga class or go on a leisure hike instead of binge watching that Netflix show. Your body will still be able to recover and you’ll still feel like you’re getting something done.

Get Someone to Hold You Accountable

Find someone who has something you want or does something you aspire to do. Hang out with them and try your best to get into their routine. Find someone who is willing to invest a little time with you, someone who you can tell about your goals, someone who can help make sure that you’re not slacking, Hire a coach if you have to — it’s a great way to get results.

Contact Scorca Chiropractic today to schedule your consultation. Chiropractic care is a great way to help you achieve balance and optimize your health and wellness.

3 Lifehacks for Better Sleep

Quality and quantity of sleep are both hugely important when it comes to maintaining our mental and physical health. Lack of sleep is even connected to all sorts of health problems, even dementia. As a result, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the requisite sleep consistently. 

Below are a few ways you can better achieve the 7-9 hours needed each 24-hour period for your body and brain to regenerate and cleanse itself from the day’s events.

1.) Exercise Often

When you hit the pillow after a day of being active, you’ll likely fall asleep far easier and sleep more soundly through the night. Lack of exercise can also increase anxiety. Your body will still have energy to burn when your mind is telling you it’s time to rest.

2.) Have a Caffeine Cut-Off Time

4pm is about time to quit the coffee if you plan to get to sleep by 10pm. Drink no more than 2 cups of coffee throughout the day in order to achieve more restful sleep at night.

3.) Visit Your Chiropractor in Fremont, CA

Visit Scorca Chiropractic Center to experience the benefits of chiropractic treatments, which will help reduce anxiety and have even been shown to improve insomnia symptoms. Contact Scorca Chiropractic Center today to learn more!

Tips to Increase Your Longevity as a Runner

It’s a sad fact of reality that even the things we do that are good for us in most ways but might not be so great for our bodies, and running is one of them. Did you know that, no matter what, your body is constantly going through stress during your leisure jog? 

Read on for a few tips that will help you ensure that your life as a runner runs long as possible before you have to hang up those running shoes.

Stretch… A Lot

Each time you run, for every 5 miles you go, give yourself a 45-minute stretch session to ensure your muscles and joints get the tension-relief/pain-relief benefits. Yoga is an exceptional tool to complement your active lifestyle.


Staying hydrated is crucial for both your body and mind. Drinking your requisite 8 glasses of water a day or more will also help your joints and boost cognitive clarity.

Wear Great Shoes

Do not skimp on your running shoes if you’re a serious runner. You’ll want to get something that provides just enough support without compromising your feet and your Achilles tendon.

Visit Your Chiropractor in Fremont, CA

Chiropractic care offers a multitude of benefits to the runner especially, including drug-free, all-natural pain relief, increases your range of motion, and helps you optimize your performance. Contact Scorca Chiropractic Center today to learn more about how our chiropractic treatments can benefit your life.

3 Amazing Superfoods

Wellness Care

While experts may disagree on the finer points of “good nutrition,” what they all agree on is that superfoods are a notch above other foods in their concentration of essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. If these foods can pack an extra ‘punch’ of nutrition, then why not incorporate them in your daily diet?

To help you incorporate superfoods into your diet, here are three amazing superfoods that are easy to find at most stores and, best of all, are absolutely delicious!

Goji Berries

Goji Berries are a legendary Himalayan fruit that in some cultures believe is the secret to eternal youth and beauty. While we aren’t quite sure about that particular claim, we do know that these little orange-red berries are loaded with antioxidants and a good source of protein, fiber, vitamin A and C.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are tiny black seeds from the desert plant Salvia hispanica grown natively in South America. The word “chia” is the ancient Mayan word for strength. This superfood contains plenty of antioxidant properties and are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, fiber and calcium.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil’s unique combination of fatty acids have several positive effects on our overall health including better brain function, increased energy, and weight loss. Coconut oil is great for cooking, and is a healthy alternative to margarine, butter, or vegetable oil.

By incorporating these recommended superfoods into your diet along with regular chiropractic care, you will be making a worthy investment in your overall health and wellness. Contact Scorca Chiropractic Center today to schedule your consultation.