Tips to Finish Out the Summer Strong

The summer season represents a time of recreation for many, but for some of us the summer season is a time to make tremendous strides and achieve goals varying in specificity. Maybe you’re running a half (or full) marathon. Maybe you’re testing for a belt at Muay Thai. Maybe you’re planning on paddleboarding across a nearby lake.

Below are a few ways to make sure your summer is well spent. Read on for a few ways to finish out the summer strong.

Push Yourself

Set a goal that seems a little bit out of your reach and make yourself stretch to make it happen. Run farther faster. Learn that new 5-punch combination. Master that yoga pose that seems so elusive at the moment. You’ll feel accomplished and enjoy countless rewards from learning something new and challenging yourself.

Recover Intelligently

Active recovery is a great idea if your’e trying to stay productive on your off days. Take a yoga class or go on a leisure hike instead of binge watching that Netflix show. Your body will still be able to recover and you’ll still feel like you’re getting something done.

Get Someone to Hold You Accountable

Find someone who has something you want or does something you aspire to do. Hang out with them and try your best to get into their routine. Find someone who is willing to invest a little time with you, someone who you can tell about your goals, someone who can help make sure that you’re not slacking, Hire a coach if you have to — it’s a great way to get results.

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