Three Moves a Day for Back Pain Relief

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Take the time for your spine

At Scorca Chiropractic, the health of your spine is our top priority, but is it yours? We know that the best way to encourage spinal longevity and increase your chances of an old age (or any age) free of back pain, is to practice daily maintenance. Whether you have chronic pain or no pain, the time is now to start providing your back with the assistance it needs to stay upright and stable! 

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Kyphosis: the Problems of Exaggerated Spinal Curvature

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Kyphosis: understanding the term

When viewed from the side, your spine‘s normal curvature is described according to the different segments: cervical, thoracic and lumbar. The thoracic segment has a forward curvature of between 20 and 50 degrees while the cervical and lumbar spines are defined as having lordosis, a complementary reverse curvature. Put together, they allow for an amazing range of motion in the upper body, while also stabilizing the moving parts and preventing injury. In scientific terms, we use kyphosis to refer to curvatures that are beyond the normal range- that is beyond 50 degrees- and cause postural deficiencies, back pain and dysfunction. 

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Staying Ahead of Injury with Chiropractic

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Chiropractic’s role in wellness is well known- but what does it mean to you?

At Scorca Chiropractic, we are dedicated to providing you with natural therapies that fit in with a preventive healthcare lifestyle. Spinal adjustments, mobilization, decompression, trigger point, massage and physical therapy all seek to improve your body’s natural ability to overcome injury, or prevent it from occuring in the first place. When looking for pain relief, it is important to envision a future with less pain. The purpose of this blog is to show how the researched benefits of chiropractic actually impact your life. 

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Medication-Free Pain Control

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Before popping pills…

…it is worth considering a more natural approach to healthcare. So many people resign themselves to the idea that pain relief is a choice between medication and ”grinning and bearing it,” until the pain retreats. Depending on the severity of your pain, some level of medication may be unavoidable, but you certainly don‘t have to tough it out alone. There are many natural pain relievers, some of which are just as effective as pain medication. As an office of chiropractic, it is our job to educate people on natural pain relief. The truth is, pain medication lets many people down because it fails to do anything about the underlying cause of the pain. 

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Deskercise: Welcome to 21st Century Fitness

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Remember when work meant toiling away in a field sewing and reaping crops? 

Neither do we. As we move further and further away from our ancestral past, it seems that more professions are shifting into the office chair. This transition toward white collar labor is making us more sedentary as a society, partly because we have to spend 8 hours in an office and partly because after our work, we are too tired and mentally exhausted to do anything else besides sit on the couch and watch television. While this is a generalization that hardly applies to everyone, it is a symptom of our society that is causing the early onset of spinal degeneration. If you are going to spend all day in front of your desk, it behooves you to deskercise! 

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