coccyx pain

A Pain in the Tailbone

Coccyx Pain is often severe

Coccydynia is the scientific name that refers to pain in the tailbone, the small bone which forms the final segment of the vertebral column. It connects with the sacrum by way of the sacrococcygeal joint and stabilizes the base of the spine where it meets the pelvis. An injury here means that basic actions such as sitting or going to the bathroom can cause severe pain. But how does coccydynia develop? 

Causes of coccydynia

Pain in the coccyx is caused by accidents that involve falling on your butt, car accidents or complications from giving birth. Even more often, it is caused by a sprain to the joint that connects the coccyx and sacrum.  Most worryingly however, you might feel pain in the coccyx with no clear reason. This is because pain can be referred from the sacroiliac joints, pelvis and lower back. What does that mean for you? A set of x-rays, one taken while sitting and the other while standing can indicate whether the sacrococcygeal joint maybe hypermobile, which means there is too much articulation of the joint. A comprehensive and examination is essential to conclude with a proper diagnosis as to what is causing the pain in your coccyx.

Treating coccydynia with chiropractic 

Manual manipulation often helps people find relief from the pain associated with coccydynia. We can actually manually adjust the joint between sacrum and coccyx to reset alignment and improve stability, thereby reducing pain associated with hypo- or hyper-mobility of the joint. From here, we focus on stretching and massage to relieve strain from soft tissues and increase healing. If you are suffering from coccydynia, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today.

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