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An Effective At-Home Response for Back Spasms

When back spasms strike…

An unexpected episode of back spasming can be as crippling as it is shocking. Muscle spasms are an emergency response by your body- as it perceives imminent injury, the muscles suddenly and involuntarily contract. This is the first clue to solving back spasms and the underlying condition: your body has perceived the injury, meaning that this problem has been slowly building up over time. Muscle spasms are therefore a natural response to a set of conditions that are threatening your spine. But in the heat of the moment, it doesn’t help to worry about the underlying conditions. You need to respond to the pain! 

Treating muscle spasms in the moment

Relax yourself by taking deep breaths; panicking about the situation is only going to make the spasming worse. Because this is an episode linked to inflammation, you are going to need to ice on and off for up to 72 hours until the severity of the spasming is reduced. Once inflammation is reduced, switch to heat, which encourages circulation and the healing process; this is when true healing will begin. The tight, spasming muscle will be relaxed and healing nutrients are allowed to flow into the injured site. If the muscle spasming is local to your lower back, it may help to choose resting positions that reduce pressure on the lower back. 

Avoiding muscle spasms in the first place

Aha! Now you’re speaking our language. At Scorca Chiropractic Center, we help detect the underlying set of strains and sprains that lead to muscle spasms. We can then set a course for prevention that includes posture improvement, regular stretching and strength training to effect a more favorable set of circumstances for your spine. 

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