Athletic Performance with Chiropractic

Regular chiropractic care provides you with the edge you need to get ahead of the competition. This advantage is derived from the core of chiropractic theory: that subluxation, or misalignment of the vertebrae, creates pressure on spinal nerves, consequently disrupting nerve signaling and communication between the brain and all biomechanical systems of the body. This includes the muscular, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. If these systems are hindered, athletic performance is hampered: subluxation has been shown to impact breathing, muscular development and body chemistry. If your spine is misaligned, there is a good chance you are not operating at 100%.

Muscles build best over bones that are properly aligned. If joints or vertebrae are out of alignment, the muscles will not contract and release to full potential: you could be wasting a lot of energy for not a lot of gain.

Nerves exiting the cervical spine are responsible for communication and powering of the phrenic nerve, which powers the diaphragm. Any subluxation at this level could interfere with the main muscles involved in breathing, decreasing lung capacity and functioning.

Massage is a hands-on modality that enhances muscle tone by improving blood circulation and helping the lymphatic system to more effectively dispose of waste from the body.

At Scorca Chiropractic Center, we offer treatment that keeps the body limbered and receptive to the demands of physical exercise, reducing the chance of injury when exposing it to extraneous forces. Do not let nervous system malfunction get in the way of your peak athletic performance:  give yourself the athletic edge by calling our office in Fremont today.

We can be reached at (510) 656-9077.

Dr. Francis Scorca, D.C

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