back pain and construction work

Back Pain and Construction Work

Construction workers need to pay special attention to their spines

There is a reason why construction work is among the top professions with back pain. The heavy lifting, twisting and repetitive trauma that is part and parcel of the work is a leading cause of back strain. Over time, these problems compound to create long-term problems that can leave construction workers reeling after retirement. At Scorca Chiropractic, we want to help construction workers prevent back pain where possible, and minimize its impact when it happens. 

Tips for preventing back pain in construction work

  • Always observe proper body mechanics: you are aware of how to lift properly, but do you always do it? 
  • Using an extra set of hands: it is recommended that a single person should not lift more than 51 pounds at a time, yet construction workers frequently lift significantly heavier loads. 
  • Utilize a back brace to add stability into your core and prevent strain of the soft tissues. 
  • Limber up before work: it is always worth the time to get your muscles warm and receptive to hard work rather than throwing them into a day of heavy lifting cold. 

When pain strikes, seek the help of your chiropractor

At Scorca Chiropractic, we help construction workers by providing the maintenance their spines need to keep performing despite the heavy demand of their work. We can provide spinal adjustments to restore the spine to alignment and balance the body, which is significant in the prevention of injury. Hands on modalities resolve muscle strain by reducing inflammation and increasing circulation to the injurious region. We then help you identify ways that you can improve core strength and become more resilient to the type of repetitive trauma that is inherent in your work. 

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