Breakfast: A Part of the Good Life

The first meal of the day is of ultimate importance: studies show that skipping out on a wholesome breakfast leaves you at a disadvantage. Even if it wasn’t linked to serious health conditions including diabetes, depression, heart disease and memory loss, foregoing breakfast starts your day off on the wrong foot. When you wake up, your brain needs to break the fast of the night in order to help you transition into a day full of frenetic activity; you are literally craving nourishment. In this scenario, a coffee and toaster strudel is not going to cut it. 25-30% of your total daily calorie intake should be consumed within 2 hours of waking. The benefits of breakfast:

  • Weight management. A key benefit from the chiropractor’s perspective. Foregoing breakfast does not fit into any weight loss plan. In fact, it works against you because you will seek out extra calories and end up overeating later in the day.
  • Cognitive function: does starving you brain of nutrients sound like a good precedent to set when you have deadlines to meet and projects to complete? Breakfast fortifies and stabilizes glucose levels which allows the brain to perform its essential functions.
  • Energy levels: coffee may cut it for a while, but it also makes you unstable and shaky if you don’t have the right food in your system. Eating breakfast encourages balance throughout the day, preventing you from going up and down emotionally. 

Breakfast should be a key part of anyone’s health plan. At Scorca Chiropractic Center, we seek to help people find balance in their life and breakfast is the best place to start establishing balance on a daily basis. 

Dr. Francis Scorca, D.C.

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