extension based intolerance

Causes of Your Back Pain: Extension Intolerance

Extension-based intolerance 

Extension-based pain is caused by the opposite of flexion-based back pain; while the latter is exacerbated by bending over, extension-based pain is caused by too much arch in the back, often brought on by conditions such as anterior pelvic tilt. The people most affected are those who are frequently on their feet, and the problem is mainly postural in origin- that is, improper posture with a weak set of core muscles can cause damage to the vertebrae. 

Common conditions resulting from extension-based pain

A spine in neutral posture is considered to be extended which means that any extra curvature contributes to hyperextension of the spine. Staying in this position for long enough contributes to the following conditions:

facet joint syndrom


spinal stenosis 

You can test yourself for extension intolerance by lying on your back with a normal curve in your spine. Now try flattening your back to the ground; if you feel better in this position, you may be extension intolerant

How we address extension-based intolerance at Scorca Chiropractic

Because patients with extension intolerance will often present with anterior pelvic tilt, this is a good jumping off point for treatment. We focus on exercises that strengthen the muscles of the core without arching the back and establish anterior core control. Chiropractic adjustment helps to address any problems related to nerve pain resulting from misalignment of the spine. Call our office in Fremont to schedule an appointment and let go of your extension based back pain today!


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