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Chiropractic a Central Part of Weight Loss

Back pain causes weight gain; weight gain causes back pain

What are we to do in this situation? Let’s start by focusing on the relationship between the two: how do weight gain and back pain perpetuate each other? Very simply:

  • Weight gain creates an additional burden on the spine, straining muscles and causing problems including subluxation, disc herniation and spinal degeneration.
  • Back pain creates mental stress, which further tightens muscles in the back, causing more pain and reducing the likelihood for exercise. This directly leads to weight gain.

At Scorca Chiropractic, we see that reducing one factor (weight gain or back pain) is necessarily going to reduce the other. So where do we start?

The chiropractic adjustment’s role in preventing pain and weight gain

Chiropractic does not directly result in weight loss; however, it still goes about it in an efficient way. By reducing nerve impingement, regulating the nervous system and improving range of motion we help you feel less back pain. This sets the conditions for you to move more and move more comfortably, resulting in more calories burned and less weight. Less weight then contributes to less burden for the back and we have a win-win situation. 

Chiropractic makes sense as a weight loss modality

As part of a holistic healthcare plan, chiropractic helps set the conditions for you to lose weight. Your body will feel less pain during everyday movements and you can exercise with a greater range of motion and less chance for injury. If you are interested in controlling your weight through natural modalities like chiropractic, give our office in Fremont a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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