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Cooling Down: Finish off Your Exercise on a High

Cooling down is essential for the ending of any work out. 

One of the single most important elements of working out is patience. A work out should not be rushed, and if you are in a crunch for time, always cut short the work out and not the warm up. Nothing can be as traumatic for muscles as jumping into a vigorous exercise without warming up the muscles first. Likewise, you will get the most out of your exercise if you finish it off with a low-key cool down. 

Elements of a good cool down.

While a warm up should be dynamic in nature, combining movement with stretching, the cool down can be of a more static nature. Since your muscles have already been warmed and active, you can finish off with a bit of gentle stretching. This helps to round out the exercise by slowing down the heart rate and stretching muscles which may have accumulated stress during the exercise, particularly those in the lower back. The child’s pose, for example, is a great way to elongate the spine, stretch your hips and practice deep breathing. 

Exercise should flow from warm up to cool down. 

A well-rounded exercise does wonders for the body and mind. If you have a physical complaint that prevents you from exercising, we want to help you rehabilitate and get back on your feet. From chiropractic adjustment to addressing muscle tension; from counseling on posture to simple stretches such as the child’s pose, we can help you escape from the cycle of muscle tension!

Dr. Francis Scorca, D.C. 

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