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Do You Have A Moment to Spare for a Massage?

Massage: hands-on health improvement

Massage forms an integral part of chiropractic care because it treats one of the signal causes of subluxation: muscle tension. Because tight, chronically contracted muscles pull your body and spine out of alignment, a great way to prevent this from happening is to resolve the muscle tension before it causes more serious problems. We go about this by detecting points of tension that could lead to spasm and dispelling the tension through targeted and effective massage and trigger point therapy.

Massage is more than relaxation

Besides feeling great, massage is an extremely powerful tool for healing. By targeting problem areas, we can penetrate deep through the layers of tissue to where the tension is lingering. Massage allows the blood to flow smoothly and circulation is especially important for healing muscle tension quickly: it brings the necessary oxygen and healing nutrients to an area badly in need. As you lay there and the feel-good chemicals increase production in the brain, your body is also receiving a helping hand in its attempt to heal. 

Massage is an integral part of our approach to health care at Scorca Chiropractic

It is an all-natural way of boosting healing and wellness. We will detect where muscle tension is causing problems in your body and do everything in our power to reverse the inherent tension and related problems. If you are interested in the healing powers of massage, give our office in Fremont a call to schedule an appointment today. 


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