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Exercising FOR and WITH a Common Back Injury

How to account for a sports-induced back injury

Along with nutrition, exercise is a great way to rehabilitate a low-grade back injury. It is advisable to construct an exercise regime under the guidance of a medical professional: we help you create individualized plans based on the level of your pain and stage of recovery. It is not enough to focus solely on core strengthening, as many people will have you believe. This is a piece of the puzzle, but we also want to correct muscular imbalances and lengthen restrictive muscles, setting you up for a pain-free future.

What to focus on and what to avoid when exercising with a back injury

To relieve pain is our primary objective in the early stages of injury. Through gentle chiropractic adjustment and low-level, simple stretches, restrictive muscles are slackened and range of movement returns. Core strengthening exercises then kick in: strong abdominals lend support to the back and stronger back muscles share more of the burden of weight with the vertebrae, meaning that more stress can be born without subluxation. 

How to prevent injury from recurring

Muscular imbalance, caused by poor posture, physical trauma or other intangibles, is a common contributor to spinal injuries. Advanced stretches work to reverse this muscular imbalance so that the body distributes stress evenly. We then focus on helping the body to relearn proper posture at all points of the day to prevent imbalance from reoccurring.

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