Getting in Shape at Home

For some, the transition to being quarantined for most of the day might be easier than others, especially those who have taken initiative in making their homes workout friendly. Those who are already in shape and engaged in committed workout routines will find it easier to get their exercise by jumping rope, doing bodyweight resistance exercises, and maybe incorporating some kettlebell workouts into the mix.

For those who are out of shape and looking to use this time to get in shape, it might be a little more of an uphill battle, especially having to stay indoors for long periods of time.

However, it’s not impossible. First, cardio will be the most important thing to lockdown. You can jump rope, do jumping jacks, and run in place. If you have an exercise bike or a cardio machine of some sort at home, start making good use of that.

Shadowboxing is another fantastic cardio workout — you can look up some workouts on YouTube that are guaranteed to make you sweat.

You can also incorporate some more rigorous yoga routines into your at-home practice if you’re up to scratch in that department. If not, start with beginner classes and work your way up. Turn up the heat in your home to make yourself and your muscles more pliable.

In these times where we all have to hunker down and get back to basics, this is the perfect time to make a transformation. Contact Scorca Chiropractic to learn about how our treatments go hand in hand with your new active lifestyle.

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