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Golf: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly for Spinal Health

When it comes to spinal health, you can find golf on both ends of the spectrum

For some, it promotes relaxation; for others, a single round can cause extreme frustration. And the sport is just as polarizing for our spinal health. To begin with, it is a good way to get active; it gets us moving, promotes better circulation, and gently tones the muscles. But the golf swing requires you to generate an enormous amount of power through torsion of the hips and force from the shoulders. You spend a lot of time bending down to tee up, retrieve your ball or pick up your bag. All of these motions are potentially hazardous for the spine. They leave you vulnerable to muscle strains and sprains, repetitive stress syndrome and spinal injuries.

Golf and back pain go hand in hand 

It is a simple fact that all the bending, twisting and lifting involved in golf is aggravating to the spine. Accepting this is the first step toward reconciling your love for the sport with the inherent potential for back pain. If you have a spinal injury, it behooves you to take some time off from the sport and heal before resuming a schedule of aggravating motions. 

A visit to your chiropractor helps determine the root cause of your injury and set a course for treatment that will have you back on the links as quickly as can be deemed healthy. At our office in Fremont, you will meet with spinal health professionals who are also enthusiastic about the sport of golf. We are trained in the biomechanics of the golf swing from a spinal health perspective and we can help you design a personalized stretching plan that will help minimize the risk factors of golf for your spine. Give our office a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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