Headaches and car accidents

Trauma from a car accident can cause pain in the head, ranging from mild and dull to pounding and pulsing, to more severe migraine type headaches. Whiplash, as it whips the neck forward and backward, damages the tissues in the neck, and the pain can manifest itself in the head. Because the head pain is originating from a neck injury, chiropractic treatment can be very useful in treating whiplash. Establishing and maintaining the proper alignment of the neck and back can reduce the pressure and pain in your head. Massage techniques can increase blood flow in the region of damaged tissues, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the healing process that increase the speed of recovery.

Trauma from front-end or rear-end impact can contribute to subluxation, in which the spine moves partially out of alignment. This can put pressure on nerves in the associated region, also causing pain. Disc herniation and sciatica are conditions that can develop in the wake of a car accident or long after the trauma has occurred. Chiropractic adjustment is a gentle, hands-on approach to correcting these misalignments, and it is proven to be very effective in alleviating pain. Our goal is to address the pain and its causes as soon as possible to prevent the pain from becoming chronic.

Psychological stress related to the accident can cause headaches as well as increasing muscle tension. Getting a clear picture of your back’s condition post-accident and a wellness plan for moving forward are both important for managing stress in the aftermath of an accident. At Scorca Chiropractic Center, we are your first line of defense for your back after a car accident. We promise to offer you a high level of care that addresses all of your symptoms, help you manage stress and keep you active in your recovery through exercise and stretching. If you are suffering from any kind of pain related to a car accident, come see how our expertise and specialized service can benefit you. Call our office in Fremont today at (510) 656-9077.

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