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Helping Athletes Improve Balance

Balance is innate; balance is essential

For athletes, balance is one of the factors that determines fine margins. Unfortunately, too many of us neglect balance in pursuit of strength and endurance. Balance is something you need to constantly maintain and improve- it is your ticket to controlling equilibrium and stability. At Scorca Chiropractic Center, we focus on biomechanical balance, as well as the balance of your nervous system. Here is how we help athletes improve balance:

First, we define it

For athletes, biomechanical balance is split into two essential types:

  1. Static: balance when stationary. Maintaining a healthy upright posture and an awareness of your center of gravity
  2. Dynamic: balance while moving. To transfer forces without causing injury, to keep yourself centered over your center of gravity- these things make you a more effective athlete. 

What is essential to both types is finding and knowing where your center of gravity is at all times. And while dynamic balance is harder to define, we know that both are essential for injury prevention and athletic performance. The better your dynamic balance, the better your body is able to control for the transfer of forces that occurs during movement. 

 Finding better balance starts with chiropractic care in Fremont

Through spinal adjustment, we restore alignment and balance to the spine and nervous system, which as immediate effects on biomechanical balance. We address limitations in the range of motion of spinal joints, as well as resolving muscular imbalances that are pulling your spine out of alignment. We help you define and maintain your center of gravity, while also working on improving posture in a whole range of activities. If you are interested in improving your balance, give our office in Fremont a call to schedule an appointment today. 


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