working out is not a chore

Highly Effective Workout Habits

Working out is not a chore; it is a commitment.

It’s a commitment to your health in the moment, to the longevity of your body and to preserving range of motion in old age. If you are someone who struggles to get motivated when it comes to working out, take a minute to boil it down to these basic commitments. 

Highly effective habits for working out

  • Seek variety: cardio one day, weight training the next. Mixing up your daily workout is a great way to overcome the monotony that can make working out feel like a chore. 
  • Avoid working out just for looks: yes looks are important for confidence, but don’t focus soley on those muscles. There are 29 muscles that constitute your “core” and that is a lot more than just the abs. 
  • Avoid taking short cuts: pressed for time? Don’t skip the warm up; that is the number 1 way to way to injure yourself.
  • Stretch! To improve your circulation and the elasticity of your joints which will help improve range of motion and prevent injury. 

Working out in Fremont, CA 

Few people realize that the efficacy of each work out is highly dependent on factors outside of the weight room. For example, an imbalanced spine can cause you to build muscle unevenly or at a much less efficient speed. At our office in Fremont, we establish spinal alignment and ensure that the muscles and structures of your body are in conducive shape to reap the greatest reward out of each workout. Give our office a call to schedule an appointment today. 

Dr. Francis Scorca, D.C. 

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