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How Posture Makes You a Happier Person

Posture contributes to health and happiness

Along with the universally agreed upon tenets of diet, exercise and sleep, we propose a fourth cornerstone of well-being: posture. As we see it, the spine is a foundation of physical health and thus, maintaining its form and function at all points in the day is of the utmost importance. That’s why posture is so important: good posture reinforces your health and protects your body for the future, while poor posture exponentially increases the amount of compression that your spine must endure at a given time. What’s more, good posture reflects your attitude toward life while also informing it: by appearing physically upright and strong, you project a feeling of confidence that also redirects into your brain, helping you actually feel stronger and more confident.

The proven power of posture 

If you needed a reason to start improving your posture, let us give you five:

  • Alignment is key for the health of bones, joints and muscles and posture breeds alignment.
  • Improves your biomechanical ability by ensuring that muscle function is coordinated
  • Reduces stress and tension in the musculature and in the intervertebral discs 
  • Alignment increases overall spinal mobility. 
  • Decreases the overall amount of wear and tear on spinal joints 

Poor posture looks bad and feels worse: while you sit hunched over your desk, or stand with your shoulders rounded and your head forward, you are doing untold damage to your spine. Let’s start undoing this damage today by working together to improve posture and spinal health. 

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