How Transparent Should I Be with My Chiropractor?

It’s a sad fact of reality that many folks out there are downright hesitant to share certain pieces of information with the health professionals in their lives. Patients might be wondering what sort of information is safe to share with, say, their local chiropractor in Fremont, CA.

Below, Scorca Chiropractic goes over what you should share with your chiropractor as a way to get the most out of your chiropractic treatments. 

Talk About Your Diet

Let your chiropractor know what you’re eating and especially if you consume any foods that promote inflammation, which can be counterproductive to your chiropractic treatments.

Talk About Fitness Habits

Let your chiropractor know what you’re doing for fitness and especially let them know if you’re considering trying a new activity. Chiropractors have insider knowledge about which activities are healthy for your back and which put your spine, neck, and joints at the most risk.

Talk About Existing Health Issues

Let your chiropractor know if you’re experiencing health issues. Treatments we provide can help treat a host of symptoms, including headaches, insomnia, depression, joint pain, muscle stiffness, and more.

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