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Hydration and Stress

Nutrition is probably the biggest way we influence our health on a daily basis: for example, you may not be able to choose how well you sleep but you can choose what ingredients you put into your body. As part of a holistic wellness plan, nutrition influences everything from body weight and metabolic rate to emotional stability, injury recovery and even skin complexion. Today, I choose H2O as my ingredient of the day. 

Are you among the (by certain estimates) 80% of Americans who are chronically dehydrated? The body needs water for every system to function properly; when it does not receive enough, it is forced to ration its existing supply. This means that vital organs are not getting the appropriate amount of water they need to function optimally. Being even the slightest bit dehydrated can raise cortisol, which is the body’s main stress hormone. 

The standard recommendation for water consumption is 1 quart per 50 pounds of body weight. This level may be higher or lower depending on your rate of activity during the day. However, meeting the daily recommendation for hydration will effect a noticeable increase in cognitive functioning, nervous system functioning and digestion. 

Nutrition and chiropractic care are complimentary. At Scorca Chiropractic Center, we provide you with the spinal adjustments to ensure your body is balanced and your nervous system is working optimally. We can also help you pursue a more healthy diet which will improve your specific condition. Give our office in Fremont a call at (510) 656-9077

Dr. Francis Scorca, D.C. 

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