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Hydration to Combat Stress

When it comes to well-being, it is important to focus on the factors that are within your realm of influence. The two most tangible of these factors would be exercise and nutrition. I am going to focus on the second of these: nutrition is huge. It can influence everything from your emotional stability to body weight (which impacts spinal health), sleep patterns, skin complexion and athletic performance. You may not be what you eat, but you certainly can impact how you feel with what you eat. Living with less stress begins with the last thing you ate or drank. 

Drink water. Are you among the 80% of Americans that are chronically dehydrated? The number one way to start increasing the health of your brain, bones and nervous system is to stay hydrated. Everyone knows that the body is reliant on water for all its major functions, so it is shocking to see the amount of people who choose to spend money on more coffee and soda. Being dehydrated is directly linked to higher levels of the stress hormone Cortisol. 

The general rule is 1 quart of water per 50 pounds of body weight. This will mean that there is enough H2O in the body for the functioning of all vital organs. We recommend getting yourself a cool looking reusable water bottle and making it your best friend. It is amazing how quick you can attach to something that brings you so many health benefits at so low a cost. 

At Scorca Chiropractic Center, we use nutrition to boost your biochemical well-being. Give our office in Fremont a call at (510) 656-9077 and see how we can make your dietary changes count. 

Dr. Francis Scorca, D.C. 

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