Blood flow

Oxygen is the Energy Molecule: Improving Athletic Performance Through Better Circulation

Why blood flow is important for athletes

Exercise is surely important for improving circulation, but how is circulation important for improving exercise? The more active you are, the more energy your body requires; as you move, the body’s metabolic rate increases and muscles demand more oxygen. More energy is needed to continue exercising without fatigue, and the body responds by producing more of the energy-storing molecule ATP. ATP is fuel for your muscles, and it is produced by a process in which oxygen breaks down glucose. Proper oxygenation of the musclesshould therefore be a priority for any athlete. 

By improving blood flow, you will see a benefit both during and after exercise.

If your body cannot deliver oxygen to your muscles quickly enough, glucose will convert into lactic acid rather than ATP (read: energy). In this scenario, workout efficiency is affected for the worse and your muscles will become fatigued instead of performing optimally. Good circulation allows more oxygen to flow to your muscles during exercise, preventing fatigue from setting in and improving the efficiency of your workout. Post-workout, efficient blood flow is necessary so that nutrients and oxygen can reach the muscles in need of rebuilding. 

At Scorca Chiropractic, we use natural modalities to increase blood flow. 

Spinal adjustments, massage modalities, trigger point therapy and physiotherapy help regulate blood flow so that your blood carries the oxygen and nutrients to where the body needs them most. If you are interested in improving blood flow to improve athletic performance, give our office in Fremont a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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