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Interconnected and In Pain: A Roadmap of Lower Back Pain

I have a strong core so why do I still have back pain?

The core is so much more than people give it credit for; it is a network of muscle groups that are active in just about every move you make throughout the day. No matter what your primary activities are, the core is being subject to constant pressure; even when you are sitting perfectly at rest, your core is active in trying to maintain some semblance of posture to support the spine. Too many people misunderstand the core as a primary mover- as a group of muscles that initiates action, or produces force. While this is a function of the core, it is an auxiliary function and training your core this way doesn‘t necessarily help your spine!

Retraining your core in support of your spine

It is true that the core is your spine’s main ally! So instead of training the core as a primary mover, we want to focus on training the core as a primary stabilizer. In this sense, the core stabilizes the movements you make, helping to transfer across the body (and through the spine) in a healthy and balanced manner. In other words, forces will be created elsewhere, and the core will stabilize them. Higher levels of core stability are related to lower levels of back pain, a lower risk for injury, better posture and healthier, longer lives. 

How do I establish core stability?

We are so glad you asked! At Scorca Chiropractic Center, we are Fremont’s biomechanical experts and we want to help you establish a stable core in support of your spine. There are numerous exercises and stretches which we can demonstrate in our office, but only after we have reestablished spinal alignment, especially in the lumbar region. Spinal alignment is the foundation that underpins all of the core stability strengthening you will do. If you want to get started on establishing your core as a primary stabilizer, give our office in Fremont a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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