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Is Your Workplace Set Up For Success in Wellness?

Setting yourself up for success in workplace wellness

The office is a torture chamber for backs, especially when seen in a long-term scale. Long hours sitting, with vary little variation or pause for exercise, compounded by poor posture is a daily recipe for stiffness and pain. The truth is, in the workplace, the onus is upon you to look out for the health of your own back. It is as much about changing a mindset as it is about changing your office: at Scorca Chiropractic Center, we believe that you can keep your muscles relaxed and balanced, preserve your range of motion and even boost productivity by observing a few new office principles:

Ergonomic success

Properly adjusted “equipment”: While it may be funny to think of your desk, chair and computer as equipment, this is exactly what they are. Making sure they are properly adjusted helps you stay in neutral posture easier. Consider that sitting alone increases the weight burden to the lower back by up to 3 times; this number is only magnified with poor posture. While we may not have the desire for, or may not be in the financial position to afford a new office chair, we can take measures to maintain good seated posture.

Learning tricks of the trade

Using a rolled up towel or cushion as a lumbar support, adjusting your monitor to the right height and using armrests properly can all make immediate improvements in both your posture and the way you feel. For tips on making your office set-up work for you, or for treating a body that is sore and stiff from the sedentary nature of the work place, give our office in Fremont a call to schedule an appointment today.

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