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Nonspecific Neck Pain

So you’ve got a stiff neck, welcome to adulthood. Chronic neck pain with no direct cause can, at its least severe, be concerning and disruptive and at its worst, cause you to miss work and suffer. When neck or back pain is nonspecific in nature, it is usually the result of many factors combined: whether it be poor posture, lack of activity or exercise, a poor-quality pillow, the adhesion of scar tissue or the accumulation of stress, these are just a few among many malefactors that can contribute to a chronically stiff neck. A few of the ways we help people with chronic neck pain include:

  • Treating muscle strain. Connecting the shoulder and cervical spine is the levator scapula, a muscle that is controlled by nerves exiting between the third and fourth cervical vertebrae. Everyday motions, along with the tightness that builds in the office can strain this muscle and the pain will be experienced in the neck region.
  • Treating “pinched nerves.” While the term pinched can be a misnomer, it refers to the subluxation which often leads to pain. Ever woke up with a crick in your neck? This could be because you slept wrong and there is a rather severe nerve impingement occurring as a result. 
  • Treating Facet Joint Syndrome. This is a condition whereby the small facet joints that accentuate the vertebrae become pressurized and cause pain that is characterized by headache, muscle spasm and neck or back pain. 

If your muscles are misfiring, your nerves are impinged or your joints pressurized, chiropractic adjustment and massage therapy is an excellent option. We begin by examining your spine to determine whether structural causes are the problem and once we have a clear picture, we can proceed with hands-on, non-invasive modalities that will help you feel great again. 

Dr. Franics Scorca, D.C. 

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