The chase for more muscle, increased speed and extended endurance is a personal journey that pushes your body to its physical limits. As the science focused on athletics is studied down to the most microscopic detail, there is more information and misinformation than ever before. There are many websites promising the “best ways to build muscle in the least amount of time,” and other ways to push yourself higher and harder. But as you train for your next competition, maintaining an awareness of your body’s limits and the pitfalls inherent in training can be your greatest asset in successful strengthening. 

Muscle building is a great case example: the entire process relies on two opposing periods: training, in which the muscles are microscopically torn, and rest, in which the muscle fibers repair and regrow stronger. If proper rest is not adhered to, your body could go into a catabolic state in which your progress actually halts and reverses. If they are not given enough time to repair before the next work out, you could just be tearing them further.

Other signs you are overdoing it include:

  • Decreased motivation
  • Lower self-esteem
  • Depression
  • Insomnia

Mood is important to success in the gym and in life. Overtraining leaves your body drained and the nervous system faltering. At our office in Fremont, we help athletes rediscover the real motives for their training, setting realistic goals that will restore them to a picture of health. For those who have pushed pass the boundary and injured themselves, chiropractic is a great tool for rehabilitating your body naturally and effectively.

If you are suffering from the side-effects of overtraining, give our office a call at (510) 656-9077.

Dr. Francis Scorca, D.C. 

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