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Protecting Your Spine On the Job

You need to look out for your back at the office

It is one of the most dangerous environments for your spine. The incessant sitting, poor posture and repetitive stress of office tasks puts many of us at risk for spinal misalignment, dysfunction and sets us on a course for premature spinal degeneration. The only defense your back has in this scenario is your proactivity- have you made the choice to take daily action to look out for your spine in your office work? If not, we urge you to make some small changes that can save your back a whole ot of trouble down the line. 

Protecting your spine from your job

  • Set yourself for ergonomic success: adjust your monitor and keyboard height and set up your chair to support neutral alignment of the spine. 
  • Use a headset/speaker phone for phone calls
  • Take micro-breaks: try to break for 60 seconds every 20 minutes. Do shoulder rolls, neck rolls, and stretch your back. If you can dispel tension this frequently, it is less likely to accumulate to a level that will cause you problems. 
  • Alternate between sitting and standing as much as possible- whether this means at your work station, or just taking frequent breaks and a quick walk. 

Your spine is an asset, whether you like it or not

It behooves you and your employer to keep your spine in as good of shape as possible. At Scorca Chiropractic Center, we protect this asset with a range of natural modalities that seek to balance the spine and keep tension at bay. If you are interested in protecting your spine from the dangers of office work, give our office in Fremont a call to schedule an appointment today.

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