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Rethink the Way you Read in Bed

What is more relaxing than reading in bed? 

Reading in bed with good posture! Unfortunately, there is no correct nor ideal posture for reading in bed, and most spinal care specialists would recommend not doing it! But that’s not human nature and, acknowledging that the allure of recreating in bed is strong, we must do what we can to mitigate the damage to our spines when undertaking activities such as reading or using a laptop in bed.

Accounting for posture while reading or using a laptop in bed

The first thing you want to establish is how to keep your spine as close to neutral posture as possible- that is, normal curvature of the spine supported by pillows. 

  • Prop pillows underneath your legs to provide a slight bend in the knees, improving circulation and maintaining alignment at the base of the spine.
  • If need be, place a pillow over the legs as well to provide a reading prop and a place to rest the arms. You want to get your reading material as close to eye level as possible. 
  • Utilize a thinner pillow below the lower back to provide support for the lumbar curve, then use one or two more pillows to provide support for the rest of the back and neck.

In this position, your neck should be able to rest in alignment with the rest of the spine, rather than being held forward uncomfortably. Following these guidelines will put your spine in the most neutral, lowest-pressure position possible for reading in bed. However, it is still not great and your back will thank you if you take a rest every now and then by stretching, getting up and moving around. 

At Scorca Chiropractic, we are dedicated to the health of your spine. If you are dedicated to relaxing and reading in bed, take steps to ensure that your spine is properly supported along the way and you will thank yourself later! 

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