Rethinking the Super Bowl Snack

The Super Bowl , along with Christmas and Thanksgiving is a time to chuck out your diet. 

Messing with tradition is rarely looked upon with kindness, so here’s to floating an idea that may not be so popular in the interest of your health! Let’s start by analyzing the ingredients of a successful super bowl snack table:

  • Lots of alcohol
  • Lots of snacks 
  • Gorging yourself amongst friends and family

Your poor diet. 

Don’t pity yourself if you are trying to stick to a diet. Everyone is allowed a break from the restrictions of their diet, even up to once a week. The important thing to remember is not to go overboard. Chances are you are not prepping every snack on the table, so you have no control over the ingredients you are about to consume. If you so choose, you could choose to prepare something slightly healthier to bring to the table. 

But this doesn’t mean NO to chili or burgers or anything you love. It just means

  • Go for seafood, (read: stick to healthy fats) 
  • Popcorn 
  • Sweet potato chips
  • Go mini with portions: skewers are a great way to control portions, and you can stick 

Keeping yourself accountable 

Well, chances are many of us will still fail to stick to any kind of calorie-requirement without hating ourselves watching everyone else go for it. If you can, team up with a buddy, and if you have no other recourse or self-discipline, go for it! See how it makes your body (not your brain) feel compared to your normal diet. Chalk it up to experience and move on. Happy Super Bowl weekend everybody.

Dr. Francis Scorca, D.C.

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