Sacroiliac Joint Pain

At Scorca Chiropractic Center we regularly treat people who are suffering from Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome. It is a common condition that causes pain, muscle spasm and inflammation. The sacroiliac (SI) joints reside on each side of the spine, just below the top of the waist: think about where back dimples usually form; this is the location of SI joints. They are wonderfully functional, forming the connection between the pelvis and the sacrum, making it primarily responsible for the transfer of force and weight between the upper body and the legs. Supporting this crucial joint is an extensive network of ligaments that add strength and stability.

The SI joints are remarkably sturdy: with cases of trauma that cause stress to the joint, the pelvis will usually break before the joint is damaged. But when damage is done, the pivotal placement and complex construction of these joints makes the pain all the more palpable. Symptoms of SI joint pain include pain in the low back that can radiate down through the buttocks and legs, pain in the pelvis and pain during movement. Excessive stress to the ligaments inflames the joints and tenses muscles. These are symptoms that respond excellently to chiropractic care.

With our treatment, we are usually able to effect improvements in pain management and maintain a level of increased comfort during your rehabilitation. Chiropractic adjustments that target the sacroiliac region aim to decrease muscle stiffness and restore the joint’s range of motion. We will help you determine whether the pain is caused by an abnormality of the joint or damage to the ligaments, and prescribe a course of action for helping you heal. Call our office in Fremont at (510) 656-9077 or e-mail us at [email protected].

Dr. Francis Scorca, D.C.

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