Scar Tissue after Surgery

Scar tissue is part and parcel of post-surgery recovery- in fact, it is the only way you can heal. Despite what some medical professionals will have you believe, scar tissue is very likely not the cause of post-operative pain as there are no nerve endings in the new tissue. However, the new tissue is less elastic than the previous tissue and when scar tissue is allowed to proliferate unchecked, it can bind nerve roots in a process called fibrosis. So, while scar tissue may not be the true source of your pain post-operation, it can be problematic. Chiropractic treatment modalities including the Graston Technique, Myofascial Release and the Active Release Technique seek to prevent excessive scar tissue accumulation and prevent it from adhering to healthy tissue, which inevitably leads to pain and stiffness. 

Staving off scar tissue accumulation is a microcosmic example of the kind of trials you may face after a spinal operation. A key to any successful back surgery story is the maintenance of an extensive rehabilitation program that requires a great deal of proactivity on the part of the patient. Strengthening, stretching and conditioning of the muscles One way we prevent the nerve from becoming trapped in the aforementioned scenario is by keeping the affected region moving with stretching. 

Spinal surgery is sometimes the only method of recourse for alleviating a patient’s symptoms enough to begin a rehabilitation program. However, spinal surgery is rarely the be-all, end-all cure that some people believe it to be; much more often, in fact, it is only the beginning. To make a surgery truly successful, you must be diligent in your follow up and active in your recovery, with a little help from someone in the know; to this end we offer you our services at Scorca Chiropractic Center.

Dr. Francis Scorca, D.C. 

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