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Sleep Alchemy Starts With The Right Mattress For Your Body

Think of your bed as a double-edged sword for spinal health

If you get it right, each night is a comfortable, restorative period of time for your spine; if you get it wrong, your mattress could actually contribute to your back pain, or worsen a pre-existing condition. By failing to support the alignment and curvature of your spine, a bad mattress undoes the good work you have put in during the day time and reinforces tension in the musculature and degeneration in the spine. When it comes to mattresses, we should avoid sentimentality and instead think of it as one of the most important purchases we will make on a regular basis throughout our lifetime. 

The magic of a good mattress

Avoiding sags and dips is one thing- these factors are indicative of a mattress that certainly needs replacement. But how do we go about selecting a new mattress? At Scorca Chiropractic Center, we have put together a few guidelines to use when buying a mattress.

What should you select for when seeking a new mattress? 

  • Comfort: above all, comfort. Yes support is important, but your mattress only matters if you are able to fall asleep on it and that is down to comfort. Striking the balance between comfort and support means taking your time trying out mattresses in stores until you find the perfect one. 
  • Support: this doesn’t have to mean firm. Nowadays, mattresses come in a variety of configurations, with top layers that can give you the softness you desire with a firmer layer underneath. 
  • Warranty: 7-10 years is the average lifespan of a mattress, depending on the level of care; you want a warranty that reflects this. 

Yes, we put price all the way down here at the bottom of the list. If it is within your financial capabilities, it behooves you to not be economical with your mattress choice. While good bargain buys do exist, you need to do your research and ensure that you are getting a mattress that will support your spine for years to come.

Finally, be sure to speak with a back care specialist before selecting any mattress; at Scorca Chiropractic Center, we can help you determine exactly what you need in a mattress according to your particular spinal condition. Give our office in Fremont a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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