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Snore No More: Focus on Sleep Hygiene

Conservative remedies for combating snoring

Snoring may make you the target of family jokes, or incur you the ire of a disgruntled bed partner, but studies show that there is a darker side to snoring. Of those who snore, 75% are thought to suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. It’s no wonder that once people become aware of snoring’s role in their lives, they seek to do something about it. But it doesn’t have to be drastic action, at least at first. Most experts agree that conservative methods can help remedy your snoring before trying more aggressive treatments including medication and surgery.

Sleep environment and snoring coincide

  • Your sleep environment and the way that you sleep are key signals that may indicate why you are snoring. Poor sleep hygiene allows for the accumulation of allergens that will irritate your airways as you innocently sleep away. Pillows, vents and surfaces that collect dust, as well as pet dander, are the most common culprits and a quick stock-taking can help you determine if airborne allergens are interfering with your airways and causing you to snore. 
  • Sleeping on the back also causes many people to snore. The problem is that the back of the tongue and soft palate fall back toward the wall of the throat, and every breath creates a rumbling sound. This is most likely not a case of obstructve sleep apnea, and could be easily remedied by making a wholesale change to sleeping on your side. 

Stopping the rumble of snoring begins with slight sleeping adjustments

These are just a few ways you can control your sleep environment to prevent yourself from snoring. At our office in Fremont, we believe that sleep is a cornerstone of wellness; to this end, we will do anything in our power to help you find a better night’s sleep. From chiropractic adjustment, to relaxation techniques including therapeutic stretching for the lower back, we can help you find a better night’s sleep starting tonight. 

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