Soaking your Spine

If you are suffering from back pain, one of the best things you can do for your ailing spine is one of the simplest and oldest methods of therapy in the world: soak it! Taking hot baths for pain is a great way to restore the body and mind. If you can get into a warm-water pool to fully suspend the gravitational pull, all the better. While the bath can be as simple as plugging the drain and pulling the tap, there are some ways that you can maximize your bathing time to ease back pain, promote circulation, and relax your brain.

  1. Warm>scalding hot. Baths approaching the scalding level threaten your body’s homeostasis and set your nervous system on edge, which can interfere with sleep afterwards. 
  2. Your extremities as radiators: keeping your head, feet and hands out of the water can help your body shed heat, making the bath more enjoyable
  3. Massage yourself, stretch your shoulders and neck and practice deep breathing. Baths are all about releasing tension!
  4. Stay hydrated as you are sweating while you bathe. 

Baths are incredibly therapeutic for the back pain sufferer. If the pain is muscular in nature, as many low back injuries are, warm baths are great at easing the tension that builds up in trigger points. The next step is to use water for exercise! At Scorca Chiropractic, we believe in the power of water to help you heal and recover from back injuries of all kinds. At our office in Fremont, we evaluate the condition of your spine, converse regarding your personal health goals, and set a plan for improvement that could include a regime of regular bathing!

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Dr. Francis Scorca, D.C. 


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