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Taking a Moment to Appreciate Movement

A body in motion will stay in motion- an extrapolation from Newton’s Law of Motion

This is a central tenet of our philosophy at Scorca Chiropractic Center- in order to keep you moving and independent late in life, we need to make sure that the structures that support movement are maintained. And this work starts now! It may surprise and upset you to learn that we are treating more people than ever in their twenties whose bodies are suffering the effects of sitting too much. And while the spine isn’t designed to last forever, there are steps we can take to keep your body balanced and upright despite aging. 


The spine is linked to every movement we make during the day

Not only through nerve communication that initiates movement and reaction, but also because of the sheer amount of tissue that connects to the spine. The majority of biomechanical movements are initiated by the core muscles, and these same muscles help to stabilize, absorb and transfer forces throughout the body so that no one structure or muscle becomes overburdened.

That is the theory anyway- many of us let our core muscles degrade, then sit in poor posture for more than 8 hours a day and allow for our spines to fall out of alignment. This is the slippery slope that leads us toward an old age of significantly reduced mobility- with an unsupported spine, our bodies suffer. 

Maintain a high level of movement with chiropractic care in Fremont

Protecting the longevity of your spine begins as soon as you come to terms with just how much your spine means to you. If you want to enjoy an old age of independence and mobility, give our office in Fremont to schedule an appointment today. Not only will you benefit from our chiropractic services in terms of spinal alignment, but we will also share our expertise with you regarding movement and the steps you can take at home to keep yourself upright and healthy. 

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