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The Chiropractic Christmas Card

A friendly reminder from your chiropractor this holiday season

The holiday season is about taking stock of what really matters in life. That usually boils down to family, friends, peace, happiness and good health. But we would like to hold up a candle for something we see as equally important: the health of our spines. The spine is our pinnacle of wellness and it only makes sense that we treat it with some gravity, especially considering that the spine is under added threat during a holiday season which often sees us less active than the rest of the year.

Christmas break is often unkind to ailing spines

We face the following risk factors for our spine all year, but they are particularly pronounced each holiday season: 

  • Less physical activity
  • Eating more
  • Drinking more alcohol 
  • Traveling long distances
  • Sleeping less

As you watch the young people in your family chasing each other around the house, choose to remember what it felt like to have a spine with seemingly unlimited range of motion. While this is not realistic given that our spines have finite lifespans, back pain should not be a foregone conclusion either. If you need a good reason to watch your weight this holiday season, consider your spine; if you want to feel less pain and tightness in the muscles of your back, consider saying no to that last alcoholic beverage. Give yourself one of the most meaningful gifts you can this holiday season: spinal longevity. 

This holiday season, each tiny decision counts for your spinal health

Every appetizer, drink and movement counts! If you want to avoid a life full of back pain, the holiday season is the best time to become aware of how your actions influence your overall health. If you are interested in strengthening your spine and your mind against the risk factors for back pain, give our office in Fremont a call to schedule an appointment today. Whether before, during or after the New Year, we are standing by to help you overcome all your spine-related challenges. 


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