Walking: Back to Basics for Big Health Benefits

Americans walk significantly less than other cultures

There’s no use denying it: we are on a trend toward making walking obsolete. We drive, we bike, we segway, we sit; we work on our butts, relax on our butts, and commute on our butts, we eat on our butts; is there an activity that can’t be done on our butts anymore?

But this is not a problem to be taken lightly: imagine (or think about reality) that you are a deskbound worker who sits for the greater part of eight hours on the job each day. If you are awake for 16 hours, then this is 50% of your waking life that you are spent sitting. Here’s what that is doing to your body:

  • Muscle degeneration: the core, the hips and lower body, the upper body and neck, all the important parts of your body suffer and will eventually start to cause pain. 
  • Brain function lowers: circulation of blood and, consequently, oxygen to the brain is hampered.
  • Digestion is affected: abdominal contents are compressed which slows down digestion and causes all kinds of untimely bodily discomfort!

This is before you even take posture into account!

Getting back to a walking-heavy lifestyle

Simply put, being sedentary is taking years off your life. It’s time to make a commitment to standing up and walking every once in a while; walking helps you manage weight, improve circulation, strengthen muscles and bones, boost your mood and improve the function of your brain! 

  • Park your car further away
  • Always take the stairs
  • Walk across the office rather than sending an e-mail 
  • Make your lunch hour sacred
  • Take walks throughout the day, especially after lunch and dinner!

These are simple things that go un-thought of and stop us from walking! At Scorca Chiropractic Center, we support an anti-sedentary lifestyle. If you need help getting inspired to start walking more or help with healing the troubles brought on by hours spent sedentary, give our office in Fremont a call to schedule an appointment today! 

Dr. Francis Scorca, D.C. 

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