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What is More Mundane Than Neck Pain

Respect your neck

Your neck is an amazing structure. Take time to appreciate its functionality and absolute necessity and you will realize how important it is to protect. The neck is the main support for your head, and it plays a vital role in supplying blood to your brain from the heart. Without proper blood flow, the brain cannot perform its essential functions including sleep, heart rate, breathing and coordination. The two carotid arteries, which supply most of the blood flow for brain functioning, are located in canals within the neck vertebrae.

Protect your neck

In order to support your movement, balance, and the pursuit of your senses, the neck is able to move in many directions. As with any fine-tuned instrument, the neck is fragile: the vertebrae are prone to misalignment and the joints can be dislocated and damaged by severe motion and trauma. Repetitive stress injuries result from a sedentary lifestyle and contribute to neck stiffness. These are reasons that blood flow can be restricted from flowing to the brain, contributing to poor nervous system functioning, lower energy levels and a decrease in well being.

Reinforce your neck

At Scorca Chiropractic Center, keeping the neck in proper alignment is a priority. Stiffness and pain in the neck are not normal and though they may go away on their own, these symptoms are indicative of structural abnormalities. We target misalignments with gentle adjustments and treat damaged tissues with massage techniques designed to help them heal efficiently. We can help you identify and alter habits that may be aggravating your neck pain. All of our work is done with the goal of increasing overall well-being. Keeping your neck in a state of health begins with calling our office in Fremont to schedule an appointment today. 

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