what is the core

What is the Core?

So many fitness blogs, magazines and shows will casually reference the core muscles and how important their integrity is to a life of wellness. Many people adopt the fallacious idea that the core is just muscles in the middle of the body, essentially the abdominals. In reality, the core is a complex network of muscle groups that includes just about everything besides muscles in the limbs. Almost every single movement that a human performs during the day will use some combination of core muscles.

The core muscles can commence movement, limit and stabilize movement, and transfer forces across the body. At Scorca Chiropractic, we seek to impart upon people the knowledge of just how important a healthy core is: training your core properly allows you to achieve core stability. Core stability is the ability of the core muscles to control the force we produce: a healthy core can be used to protect the spine and surrounding muscles from extreme movements. As we age and grow heavier, more burden is placed upon the discs that accentuate the vertebrae, making a stable core all the more important.

For people looking to strengthen their body to improve back pain or prevent it, the core is a great place to start. Simply doing crunches everyday may not be cutting it. You can make each movement count more by ensuring you have the professional knowledge we offer at our office in Fremont. 

Dr. Francis Scorca, D.C.

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