Why Movement Matters More Than Ever

Have we forgotten the importance of movement?

Once upon a time, our bodies were called upon to move for even the smallest activities. But now, it is so easy to choose not to move: most tasks can be performed from the comfort of the armchair and more jobs than ever are being performed remotely, a computer the only tool you need to contribute productivity. If you are excited about the prospect of a brave new technological world, it is worth taking a moment to remember how important it is to move.

But have we stopped to take a moment and assess the damage that comes about from lack of movement? 

What exactly is happening to your body during repetitive movie marathons and computer work?

  • Muscles weaken from lack of movement
  • Circulation stagnates
  • Spinal discs absorb fluid and stiffen
  • Bone mass is decreasing
  • Chance for heart disease increases

Movement matters more than ever

All of these are considered before you add in the idea of posture. At Scorca Chiropractic Center, we are seeing the damage that sedentary lifestyles impart upon the spine. We subscribe to the notion that minor lifestyle adjustments can become second nature, allowing you to reverse the years or decades of immobility. We can help you find a few minutes out of every hour to stretch and move and really make you appreciate how you feel afterwards; both body and brain will benefit. 

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