Weight Vest Training Tips

Training with a weight vest is a great way to build new strength and speed, not to mention power past a plateau.

However, there are good and bad ways to train with a weight vest, which Scorca Chiropractic goes over below.

Add to Your Body Weight Workouts

Pull-ups, push-ups, body squats, and other exercises that use your body weight are all complimented with a weight vest. You’ll find yourself doing higher repetitions and feeling stronger on a daily basis.

If You Run, Do Short Intervals

Try not to run for long periods of time with your weight vest, which will put a considerable amount of wear and tear on your body, mess with your body’s sense of balance and equilibrium, and could end up giving you back pain.

Try Not to Wear for Too Long

When you wear a weight vest for long periods of time, your sense of balance will start to recalibrate, which will seriously mess up your coordination and mobility when you take off your weight vest.

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