2 Liters a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

When it comes to boosting your health, few ingredients come with the essential benefits with so few side-effects as good old H2O. Whether you are seeking to lose or maintain weight, rehabilitate a long-standing injury, or simply function better, water may be the ingredient to look to. As Americans, we are chronically dehydrated. Here are some of the benefits of consuming your eight ounces, 8 times a day: 

  • Joint and cartilage maintenance: perhaps the most exciting from the chiropractor’s perspective. Cartilage needs water! A lot of joint stiffness and pain is down to dehydration: when they are dry, they get weak meaning your joints take a beating. 
  • Beating that tired feeling. The equation is simple, because every cell needs water: proper hydration=more energy. 
  • Weight management: water can help you feel more full and crave less food. Conversely, being hydrated also causes you to eat more, because your body is craving the energy it is lacking from hydration. 
  • Longevity and well-being: simply put, treating all your organs with the proper amount of water they deserve all the time helps you function better and maintain your well-being longer into life.

In terms of consumption, water should be metered throughout the day. Waiting til you are dehydrated and then chugging a liter of water is not exactly healthy or sustainable. You want your body to be topped up regularly with a reasonable quantity, so that it never has to go into conservation mode. Drinking more water is a large way you can impact your health with very little lifestyle adjustment. For more tricks to optimize well-being, call our office in Fremont and schedule an appointment today. 

Dr. Francis Scorca, D.C. 


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