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Beyond the Adjustment: Managing your Pain in the Meantime

Your chiropractic care doesn’t stop after an adjustment! 

Restoring spinal alignment and alleviating nerve compression; improving range of motion and thus flexibility; reducing muscle pain and improving blood circulation; these are some of the noticeable improvements that many people feel after a chiropractic adjustment. This is what makes chiropractic such an effective alternative to more standardized western treatments including painkilling pharmaceuticals and surgery. But what happens after you leave the office? 

Continuing chiropractic care on your own time

You can carry chiropractic principles on between appointments to ensure that you manage your health in a natural and drug free manner. 

  • After the adjustment: take a few minutes to let yourself settle into the new position. Don’t undertake any strenuous exercise for the first few hours.
  • In between adjustments: discipline yourself to focus on maintaining good posture no matter what you are doing. 
  • Manage pain with heat and ice
  • Exercise: keep your circulation flowing and your muscles regularly activated so that they can support your spine!
  • Diet: intervertebral discs are primarily composed of water! That means the number one way to maintain their health is to make sure they stay hydrated. This among many other considerations can help you keep down inflammation and reduce pain. 

Keeping pain down the natural way in Fremont

If you are interested in managing back pain or preventing it in the first place, give our office in Fremont a call. We are specialists in determining the root cause of your pain and prescribing a course for treatment that keeps you engaged in your own wellness. 

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