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Combating Holiday Stress in Fremont

When the holiday season becomes stressful…

It’s easy to see how it happens; you had no time to spare to begin with. All of a sudden the month of December’s calendar is full of holiday appointments, activies and engagements. Holiday shopping creates a financial strain before you even factor in the physical stress of going out in the busy streets and buying the items. It’s no wonder that diet and exercise fly out the window this time of year. And if you are suffering from back pain on top of all this, you may not be fully feeling the holiday cheer. This holiday season, don’t underestimate the toll that a busy schedule and not enough rest can take. 

Our tips for combating holiday stress

  1. Get enough rest: this cannot be emphasized enough. Sleep is absolutely critical for well-being and during the christmas season, with stress, caffeine, and booze around every corner, rest can be hard to come by. 
  2. Shop online: avoid the crowds which drive you crazy by doing your holiday shopping on the internet. 
  3. Watch your caffeine intake: yes pumpkin spice lattes are delicious, but they are laden with calories and too much caffeine can up your stress levels significantly. What about a cinnamon spice tea instead?
  4. Keep on your healthy habits: don’t let exercise levels fall of just because you are a bit busier. Choose to exercise in small doses to maintain range of motion and boost circulation throughout the day- exercise releases endorphins and inhibits the release of stress hormones. 

If you are still feeling burnt out, give our office in Fremont a call to schedule an appointment. We are standing by to help you reduce stress levels with chiropractic modalities.

Chiropractic for reducing stress during the holidays

Stress and pain go hand in hand; It makes sense that if your body feels better, you will feel less stressed. At our office in Fremont, we use hands-on modalities to boost your body’s natural ability to feel better. Restoring spinal alignment reduces pain, improves range of motion in the spinal joints and boosts circulation, all of which makes a difference in your level of stress. 

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