Protecting Yourself Against Getting Sick

As more and more businesses go back to work, this means people getting back to work is pretty much inevitable. Staying at home and staying isolated has taken a toll on all of our health, whether we know it or not. Combine that with stress from possibly being out of work and reliant upon government assistance that is unreliable and fickle at best.

We’re seeing a lot of information about masks and staying at home and whether or not we should be worried about ever getting back to any sort of normalcy. Instead, at Scorca Chiropractic, we’d rather give our patients and readership information that will help empower them to stay healthy and well during these times.

First, go outside. And, if you’re outside and away from people, you do not need to wear a mask. Only sick people need to wear masks or people who are going into public spaces. Washing your hands a little more but not going overkill with the hand sanitizer is a good idea, moving forward.

Eat good foods. Incorporate things like elderberry, turmeric, ginger, oranges, red bell peppers, and healthy veggies into your diet that will improve your immune system, keep you healthy, and help stave off free radicals and inflammation.

Exercising is also important. And it’s probably even a good idea to start meeting with people here and there. No large groups, of course, but seeing a friend who is not affected and has shown no symptoms is probably going to be okay at this point — and much needed, considering you’ve been isolated for so long, which is hazardous to your health.

Contact Scorca Chiropractic Clinic today to schedule your consultation. Our chiropractic treatments will help boost your immune system in these uncertain times, giving your health and peace of mind.

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